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Big Yak Tip

with Mumma, Pappa and Alex

Marking GF leftovers

Getting to know which leftover is Gluten Free and which is not is getting harder and harder to do. Which is exciting because, most foods when cooked up look identical. Sure if you sniff, look and poke at that leftover lasagne long enough you will eventually figure out which is which. But let’s help get that delicious slab of pasta and cheese into your little Coeliac quicker with a few little adjustments


Lacky Band.

This is the current method of marking GF food in my house, using elastic bands from your broccolini and wrapping one or two around the Gluten Free containers is super easy, affordable and sustainable!

wax Pencil.png

Wax Pencils (aka China Marker).
We have used these wax pencils in our household for years and they work wonders, you can write straight onto plastic containers and wash it off with soap and water. While you’re writing GLUTEN FREE you can also add a little message for your Silly-Yak to read while at school, kinder or day-care.

New COntainers.png

New Containers
Of course you can take your little Yak shopping to find colour coordinated containers to really brighten up the Coeliac Friendly part of your fridge. We haven't used this idea yet for a couple reasons 
1. Thought it would be difficult to keep the GF containers strictly for that food.
2. It could get costly buying a bunch of new plastic containers
3. They are plastic and not great for the environment

However, this is a fun way to get your Yak in on the GF food organisation action perhaps start with just a couple GF specific containers and if it works then go get more!!!

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