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Hey Silly-Yak and Big-Yak

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Welcome to our website full of
Creativity and Coeliac Fun!
with music, videos, activities and stories!

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Get Silly with Jack

Meet Alexandra

Jack's Friend and Silly-yak Creator

Hello I am Alexandra, SILLY-YAK writer and illustrator and Creative Leader of Chasing Lions drama adventures. I have been performing, directing and creating theatre and music experiences in Newcastle for 14 years and have seen how performance can enhance and enrich lives. At 13 I was diagnosed with three chronic autoimmune conditions and found my strength, passion and drive through creativity and connecting to my wider community.

Jack and I have applied the United Nations SDG's and are working on goals 3, 4 and 12, through engaging with our community, using local business' and sustainable packaging. 

See more of Alexandra on the Chasing Lions Website and her social media

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Meet Jack
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On this fun filled adventure Alex needs your awesome dancing, big imaginations, creative fingers and loud singing to help get Jack back to his Silly Coeliac Self.

March 11th -19th 2023

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See where Jack and Alex have been on their adventures and what they get up to!!!

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